The Ultimate All-Natural Recovery Shake

We all know that feeling after a hard workout or race – our bodies are hungry for fuel.

Post-exercise nutrition is key to recovery. If taken in during the “metabolic window,” the right nutrients kick your cells into an anabolic state that speeds recovery and rebuilding. No matter if you’re training for an Ironman or getting ready for your first 5K, or if you’re breaking records or are a back-of-the-packer like some of us, the quicker you recover, the quicker you improve.

Many moons ago, our Monkey mad scientist Chris developed the Monkey Shake formula. It started out as just protein and a banana (go figure). But you know mad scientists. He figured there must be a way to improve on the typical post-exercise protein shake. So, back into the lab, a few tweaks, some new high quality ingredients, and a boatload of research later… the Monkey Shake was born!

Monkey Shake is currently available in two varieties:


Containing only high quality, natural* ingredients, Monkey Shake provides a blend of protein, carbohydrates, and fatty acids to help you recover and rebuild tired muscles. Original monkey shake is vanilla flavored which provides a smooth neutral base for all of your monkey shake creations.


Same basic ingredients as the Original Monkey Shake but with pure cocoa which is rich in flavonoids and good for your cardiovascular system. Oh and it’s chocolate flavored.

For full ingredient information and the science behind Monkey Shake, visit the Monkey Shake Story


*Not all ingredients are “natural” in the sense that they are found in nature in the form we use them. But, we try as much as possible to keep our ingredients as close to what mother nature provides.